General Dentistry

Gentle Dentist serving Albany, NY

We have a wonderful staff of hygienists to help keep your smile beautiful, clean and healthy. They will gently clean your teeth with the latest techniques, monitor the condition of your mouth, and teach you methods to improve your dental health that you can do at home. You will leave our office with a clean, healthier and refreshed smile.

All our patients receive quality, attentive care at our family dentistry. Dr. Stephen Harris, our gentle dentist, will also take a look to make sure everything is in tip-top shape! If you're in Albany, NY, and need a teeth cleaning, contact us today.

Family Dentistry Albany, NY

Emergency Dentistry Services

We strive to see you for an emergency within 24 hours. As an emergency dentist, Dr. Harris is committed to getting our patients out of discomfort as soon as possible. If you have chipped, cracked, or lost your tooth, it's pertinent that you see our emergency dentist right away. We also treat excessive bleeding, swelling, and damaged braces. Give us a call at 518-213-2884 if you're experiencing a dental emergency!

Root Canals

Do you have a toothache? Don’t give up, there is hope! You may be able to save that tooth with a root canal. Contrary to common belief, root canals are minimally invasive and the most frequently slept through procedure in our office. Dr. Harris is committed to patient comfort. Rest assured he will not work on any patient unless they are comfortable.


Do you need a tooth removed? Don’t fear, we provide the most gentle and relaxed extractions around. Tooth extractions are a common, routine process for our family dentistry. Gum disease can cause teeth to weaken and become infected. It's important to remove teeth that are infected for your overall health.

Gentle Dentistry

Are you afraid of dental work? Don't be - many patients experience dental phobia at some point in their life. Luckily, Dr. Stephen A. Harris incorporates gentle dentistry into all of his dental work. He uses behavioral and cognitive techniques to ease patient's anxiety and fear of receiving dental work. If patients are experiencing an extreme fear of dentistry, we are able to use mild sedation and general anesthesia. Even though you're calmer, you are still aware and able to communicate with us. If you're looking for a dental clinic with a gentle dentist, our practice is the right one!
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