Cosmetic Dentistry serving Albany, NY

Here at Stephen A. Harris, DMD, a family and cosmetic dentistry practice, we provide a wide spectrum of dental services. Our friendly and gentle dentists have served the Albany, NY area with much positive feedback from our patients.

We focus on saving teeth through preventive care such as cleanings, non-surgical gum therapy, fluoride treatments, and oral hygiene instruction, as well as root canals. Keeping teeth healthy is our main concern!

In addition, we routinely perform cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening, crowns (caps), and veneers. Missing teeth are replaced through implants and bridges, as well as removable full and partial dentures. Radiation exposure is minimized using the latest digital X-ray technology. We also coordinate treatment of advanced cases with the most renowned specialists in the area.

Cosmetic Dentistry Stephen A. Harris, DMD

A Family Dentist That Cares

Dr. Harris and our whole team are committed to providing you with the family dentistry you deserve in the Albany, NY area. As a gentle dentist, Dr. Harris has earned a reputation for being the dentist of choice! A careful and skilled hand is exactly what you need. Whether you’re looking for affordable dentures, dental implants, or a routine cleaning, we’re the office to call.

Now Offering Emergency Dentistry

When a health issue suddenly starts, it can be frightening. Especially when it happens to your teeth! Dental accidents can happen anytime. Teeth are known to fall out, chip, and need repairs. If you're a patient of Dr. Stephen A Harris, DMD, you're automatically apart of our emergency dentistry services.

Knowing when to call for an emergency is crucial. Some of the most common reported symptoms from our patients include:

-Bleeding Lips
-Broken/Cracked Teeth
-Jaw Injuries
-Damaged Braces
-Loose Teeth
-Teeth Knocked Out
-Lodged Objects
-Lost Crowns
-Sudden Tooth Aches
-Swollen Gums/Wisdom Tooth Infection

If you're in the Albany, NY area and have a dental emergency, don't fret - contact our family dentistry. We save teeth every day!
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